Gengis Kahn

Temüjin, widely known today as Gengis Kahn, was born in 1162 near the river Onon, Asia. He as the great Mongolian leader who forged the clans living north of the Gobi desert into one strong alliance. These clans had for long fought for dominance of the area. Gengis’s warriors fought their way through the vast steppes and established an empire unprecedented before. Legend has it that the great leade Gengis was born under a lucky star and he will once again come and lead the Mongolians to glory


The Mongolian Empire

The empire that Gengis, his numerous (he probably had as many as 1200 children) sons and innumerable grandsons established, was surpassed only by the British Empire in the 19th century. The Mongolian Empire ranged from the Yellow Sea to the Meditarrenean in 1280. The too quick rise of the empire led to a quick fall too, it has fallen into smaller kingdoms, although the Golden Horde lasted as long as 1502 in today’s Russia.